Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions

Keane helps solve well-specific stimulation and cleanout challenges by collaborating with operators on the development of customized solutions specifically tailored to address our customers’ completion requirements and segments. These partnerships, developed at The Engineered Solutions Center in The Woodlands, Texas, result in cost-effective completions to maximize production while minimizing formation damage.

With decades of experience, our team conducts comprehensive pre- and post-job fluid analysis, along with fluid, proppant, cement, corrosion, and microbial testing. Our network of laboratories extends this expertise to field offices in the heart of every major basin, providing a fast turnaround for local testing and analysis.

Keane Engineered Solutions include:

• Customer-specific chemistry based on your well analysis
• Frac fluid and friction reducers, including low polymer loading, for all water types from fresh to 100% produced
• Diverter solutions, which includes TriVert* diverter technology based on particulate diverting agents. TriVert is designed to redirect treatments into understimulated sections of the wellbore for new and refrac applications
• Proppant enhancers, including the latest addition to the portfolio, MVP Frac* buoyancy additive, which modifies proppant by making it more buoyant without increasing fluid viscosity. This ensures better proppant distribution in the fracture
• Coiled tubing chemistry for friction reduction and cuttings removal
• Acid-blend chemistries for all temperatures and reservoir conditions

* TriVert and MVP Frac are trademarks of Trican Well Service Ltd. supplied to Keane under license.