Wireline Services

Keane is an experienced horizontal completions specialist with a primary focus on pumpdown plug and perforating. We execute a variety of completions-related wireline projects, including logging services and casing inspection. Our team provides complete pumpdown and toe prep operations. And the wireline logging portfolio includes several bond log options, temperature and pressure logging, and casing inspection as well as calipers for casing thickness and wellbore geometry.

We own and operate 31 wireline trucks across the US. Our cranes, rated at 50 tons, are run by NCCCO-certified operators to streamline operations. Additionally, our industry-certified PCE specialists operate our certified pressure control equipment.

A broad range of services

Pumpdown plug and perf

  • Toe preps
  • Addressable release tools
  • 100% addressable switch usage
  • Greaseless wireline capability

Pressure control equipment

  • Rated to 10,000 and 15,000 psi


  • Fleet of swing seat cranes up to 50 tons and 155 ft of boom
  • NCCCO-certified crane operators


  • Radial CBLs
  • Production logs
  • Multifinger caliper
  • Corrosion logging

Mechanical services

Contact us for wireline services to complement your stimulation operations.