Hydraulic Fracturing Services

At Keane we recognize that every well, reservoir, and operator is unique. With approximately 1.2 million hydraulic horsepower (HHP), our team deploys the latest downhole fracturing technology—using chemical, fluid, and equipment designs formulated specifically to increase overall production.

Our highly disciplined crews have a proven track record of providing conventional and unconventional hydraulic fracturing services in every major basin of the US.

The footprint of our logistical reach gives each operator working with us an advantage in the field. We have nationwide sand contracts and transloads as well as a fleet of air slides and railcars so that materials and equipment are delivered on time—anywhere, any time.

Marcellus fracturing spread

Ready for operations

Approximately 1.2 million HHP

15,000-psi capability

Additional capabilities:

  • dry gel
  • dry FR  units
  • stainless steel fluid ends
  • US EPA-certified Tier IV engines
  • dual fuel
  • acidizing services


  • More than 120 sand haulers
  • A network of 1,200 rail cars

What our customers are saying

“Use of high-visc FR has been an alternative to gel based fluids for our development in Howard County, TX. Preliminary data points to FR-based systems having a significantly faster ‘oil to tanks’ time frame. Also, adjustment ‘on-the-fly’ can occur faster with high-visc FR than gel as a gel sweep takes time to go through the hydration unit.”

Dusty Daves
Senior Operations Engineer, Legacy Reserves

“Awesome job to Keane Group, Cameron, Keystone Clearwater, and Patrick’s Water Hauling for achieving 9 stages in 13 hours. 2.5 million lbs of proppant successfully placed, without any incidents or spills. Incredible standards achieved day in, day out, by this hard working group.”

Ed Willson
Completions Engineer II, Seneca Resources

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