ReLease Performance Stimulation Fluid SystemsFrom fresh water to 100% produced water

Our custom chemistry is developed by experts with decades of combined industry experience at Keane’s Engineering & Technology Center in The Woodlands, Texas. Our network of laboratories extends this expertise to the heart of every major basin to address local formation challenges before operations begin. ReLease performance stimulation fluid systems are designed to help the operator increase production and improve ROI. Source water and formation samples are used to expertly optimize each fluid system. These systems ensure reservoir compatibility for maximum production. Keane has solutions for pumping slickwater, linear gel, and both borate- and zirconium-crosslinked gels.

It all starts at the lab

We encourage interaction with experts at our laboratories to demonstrate how the full suite of testing and analysis services can support your operations.

Fluid Systems for Fresh Water

ReLease Speed™ slickwater fluid systems

ReLease Speed is a full line of slickwater systems with friction reducers (FR). To enhance performance, ReLease Speed is customized within economical limits for stimulation using either a cationic or anionic freshwater solution. We also offer economical options for high-brine applications.

ReLease Dry™ slickwater fluid systems

ReLease Dry offers cost-effective dry FR alternatives that reduce spill risk.

ReLease Linear™ fluid systems

ReLease Linear fluid systems are natural or modified-natural polymers used without crosslinkers. Our custom designs take into consideration the unique environment of each well to maximize production. ReLease Linear provides an economic fluid option without compromising viscosity characteristics. The gelling agents used are available in dry or slurry form. Polymers used include guar (G), carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) or cellulose gum, and carboxymethyl hydroxy propyl guar (CMHPG).

ReLease Ultra™ viscosifying-friction-reducer fluid systems

ReLease Ultra viscosifying-FR fluid systems are a simple, elegant alternative to a typical crosslinked fluid design. Traditional crosslinked systems require a pump schedule that alternates slickwater, linear, then crosslinked gel. ReLease Ultra is the next-generation alternative, which does not require three different schedules to be pumped. Instead ReLease Ultra is dialed up and down to increase and decrease viscosity on demand. This not only simplifies operational procedures but also reduces equipment on site by eliminating the need for a hydration unit. This viscosifying-FR fluid system is pumped on the fly with no heating requirements. The solution can incorporate clay stabilizer, bactericide, and surfactant in a mixture designed specifically to meet the needs of the well or field of interest.

ReLease XB™ guar-crosslinked borate fluid systems

ReLease XB guar-crosslinked borate fluid systems provide a variety of solutions for achieving effective stimulation with different polymer loadings. The flexibility of ReLease XB to perform reliably in low or high temperatures makes it a productive system in every major basin of the US. These systems enable excellent proppant transport, which increases reservoir contact, and customization of the breakers with oxidizers and enzymes to maximize compatibility with the formation and a clean proppant pack.

ReLease XZ™ crosslinked-zirconium fluid systems

ReLease XZ crosslinked-zirconium fluid systems are an alternative to guar-based fluids and ideal for tight sands in gas reservoirs or where fluids include carbon dioxide. We offer a system that is exceptionally stable in high-temperature reservoirs up to 375°F. This fluid system also comes in a ReLease XZ Clean option for low-pH system that is one of the cleanest crosslink systems on the market for improved regain permeability in the proppant pack. The viscosity performance of ReLease XZ improves upon that of guar in freshwater and low-salinity environments. This system provides control when crosslinking and excellent proppant carrying properties.

Fluid Systems for Produced Water

ReLease ReUse™ produced water fluid systems

Keane experts specialize in produced water solutions, and it’s what differentiates us from other service providers. Every system begins with the base water to be used on the job being tested and a custom solution recommended that is the most cost-effective for the customer in terms of operations and production. ReLease ReUse produced water fluid systems are effective in all produced water scenarios, including 100% produced or flowback water. In areas where fresh water is an economical limitation, ReLease ReUse enables operators to continue operations with reduced cost and logistics associated with treating produced or flowback water. We offer systems for slickwater, linear gel, and both borate- and zirconium-crosslinked gels. This full range of options enables operators to run produced water at any hardness, pH, mineralogy, temperature, or salinity levels.