ReDirect Diverters for Enhanced SRVMaximize stimulated reservoir volume

ReDirect diverters for enhanced stimulated reservoir volume (SRV) isolate dominant perforations and fractures, redirecting fluid into understimulated sections of the target interval. This technology is an engineered solution that degrades with time and temperature—including in low-temperature formations.

ReDirect increases reservoir contact, which enables operators to maximize production. By reducing the number of plug and perf runs, the operator can significantly decrease wellsite costs and time on location.

Why divert?

  • Improve operational efficiencies by reducing plug and perf runs and wellsite time
  • Increase reservoir contact to maximize production
  • Seal dominant perforation clusters during refracture or completion of new wells
  • Circumvent casing restrictions

Why choose ReDirect?

  • Temporary bridging agent with no cleanout required
  • Reduces mill outs
  • Alternative to permanently closing fractures with a cement squeeze
  • Maintains diversion even if operations are suspended, unlike ball sealers