DustProof Surface HSE, Low-Silica Dusting SolutionsReduce HSE exposure and prevent NPT caused by silica dust

DustProof surface HSE, low-silica dusting solutions significantly reduce exposure to respirable silica, enhancing HSE for field personnel and surrounding areas. It helps prevent NPT caused by dust contamination of wellsite equipment. DustProof controls the release of airborne crystalline silica at a lower cost than the logistics, or the space requirements, of silos and mechanical dust collection. With a smaller footprint, DustProof is an easy decision for operations considering dust control applications.

This chemical coating is added at the transload rather than the plant, so operators only pay for what they use. It can be customized based on the proppant mesh size, and it doesn’t wash off.

What is DustProof?

  • Surface-modifying agent produces dry, free-flowing sand
  • Chemical, abrasion, and water resistant
  • Rapid adhesion with spray-on-the-fly or sand-wash stage application
  • Compatible with all fracturing fluids, additives, and water sources
  • Broad temperature stability (-40–320°F)

DustProof your operations

  • Reduces footprint and eliminates the logistics associated with silo and mechanical dust suppression systems
  • Reduces airborne crystalline silica to meet OSHA HSE requirements
  • Controls dust at all potential release points from plant or transload to location
  • Reduces repair and maintenance to dust-contaminated equipment and electronics

See the difference: Untreated sand versus DustProof-treated sand

Untreated sand releases crystalline silica dust into the air at the wellsite
Untreated sand
Sand treated with DustProof
Sand treated with DustProof