AirRide Smart Fracture-Network Conductivity EnhancerFar-field proppant distribution

The AirRide smart fracture-network conductivity enhancer improves proppant transport and distribution in the fracture network, improving reservoir conductivity without increasing fluid viscosity—even in tight formations. AirRide is an engineered solution for production enhancement that uses conventional operational procedures and equipment at the wellsite and is compatible with all water types.

A specialist at the Engineering & Technology Center demonstrates how AirRide buoyancy enhancer works.

Get your proppant where it needs to be

  • Increases depth of penetration by fluidizing proppant
  • Enhances flowback and production of the well

Proven track record

  • 24-well study documents comparison of AirRide and slickwater:
    • 42% improvement in average maximum proppant concentration
    • 30% production increase
    • 23% completion cost reduction
  • Flow model tests comparing AirRide and slickwater show:
    • 70% improvement in pack height