As a comprehensive completions services provider, Keane is able to streamline operations and logistics to save operators time at the wellsite while also offering specialized solutions to maximize production. Our stringent standards for service quality and HSE are coupled with the efficiency that comes with being masters of our trade. When you choose to partner with Keane, you gain the expertise fostered in our expansive network of laboratories as well as the extensive experience of engineers in the field.

Find the mix of integrated solutions that's right for your operations


With approximately 1.2 million hydraulic horsepower, our experienced teams integrate the latest downhole fracturing technology with well-specific designs for fluids and equipment configurations to increase overall production.

Our team at the Engineering & Technology Center develops custom chemistry for fluid systems and advanced stimulation technology to maximize production with reservoir-compatible solutions.


Keane is an experienced horizontal completions specialist with a primary focus on pumpdown plug and perforating. We execute a variety of completions-related wireline projects, including logging services and casing inspection.

We are dedicated to maintaining pressure control to ensure safe and efficient operations at every wellsite—resulting also in maximum production for our customers.


Keane offers experienced teams in major US basins and provides engineered cementing services to ensure effective zonal isolation and casing protection.

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