Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE)

The health and safety of our employees, and our responsibility for the environment in which we operate, is Keane’s highest priority. It is through this commitment that we have been able to consistently achieve industry-leading HSE results.

Management: Leadership & commitment
  • Routine worksite audits
  • Daily reviews
  • Every crew has dedicated HSE professionals
Company-wide TRIR 0.37
Intensive onboarding/training program
SSE: Every new employee assigned to a dedicated mentor
Employee fit-for-duty verification
Driver training & journey management
Integrated customer-specific training
Work Safe: Injury prevention program
Employee certifications monitored and refreshed
JSA: Vital to our safety program
Risk & hazard ID reporting program (RIRs)

Our 8 Life-Saving Rules

Whether we’re on the road, in the field, or at the office, the Keane team abides by eight overarching safety rules that guide more detailed HSE policies and procedures.


Cell phone use restricted while driving as per Keane policies


Never exceed posted speed limits


Driver and passengers must wear seat belts at all times


Only licensed personnel may operate heavy machinery


Do not enter high-pressure zone unless authorized


Follow all safe work practices when handling hazardous material


Never use drugs, and no alcohol while working or driving


Wear correct PPE as per Keane policies

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