The work we do at Keane Group is driven by deep customer partnerships and defined by a relentless focus on safety, operational performance, and responsible growth. Our mission is to deliver nothing less than excellence in every aspect of our business and to build value for our customers and employees.


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

HSE is our highest priority and our most important core belief.

It shapes the work that every Keane Group employee does, every day. All Keane Group employees -- from the highest levels of management to the workers on each and every job site – are empowered to manage their own safety and health, and that of their fellow workers. Safety also goes beyond just our employees and our job sites. We have implemented a number of best-in-class safety measures and technologies to become industry leaders in environmental stewardship.

Operational Excellence

We deliver as promised, to every customer with the greatest efficiency.

Energy markets can be volatile; Keane Group has the right mix of equipment, assets, expanded geographic footprint, and skilled employees crucial to taking advantage of opportunities as they emerge. Among the expanded suite of capabilities, our company's Engineered Solutions Center provides us the ability to offer engineered solutions specifically tailored to address our customers' completion requirements and challenges. With the Trican asset acquisition, the company has nearly tripled the amount of hydraulic horsepower from 300,000 to approximately 950,000.


We stay true to our roots as a customer-focused business, we are accessible, responsive, transparent and nimble in meeting our customers’ needs.

We engage with our customers on a daily basis. Doing so allows us to deliver safe and efficient operations, tailored solutions, and maximize delivery of value for both companies.


We uphold the highest levels of personal accountability, integrity, and responsibility in every aspect of our business.

Keane has a strong management team with decades of combined experience in the well completion services industry and a proven track record of delivering for clients, past and present. Our commitment to excellence extends to the responsibilities we embrace for the environment and the local communities in which we operate.

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